Shit You Should Read: Aaron Carter Still Wants Candy



Hilary Duff does everything right. She stayed away from the Hollywood partying scene and survived a childhood of Disney stardom. She brought my alter ego, Lizzie McGuire, to life from 2001 – 2004. Then, she stole our hearts again in Cheaper by the Dozen (after which, every girl wanted a summer internship at Allure post-high school graduation) and in Agent Cody Banks. She dresses like a normal human being. She maintains a normal human figure. And, best of all, she named her son “Luca Cruz.” 10 points to Gryffindor.

In case you didn’t know, I am the go-to resource for all things Hilary Duff and Lizzie McGuire. I may or may not have hoarded Lizzie McGuire Valentine’s cards from third grade that I still have in my desk drawer.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who feel that Hil kills it in her patched denim and crimped hair. Earlier today, threw up a post about everyone’s elementary school crush, Aaron Carter, wanting to get his girl back. Hilary separated from her husband, hockey player Mike Comrie, earlier this year. Lizzie’s back on the market. And this time, she isn’t looking for a bra.

lizzie wants a bra

“Don’t be that stupid d*** that loses the love of your life forever. Like me…” Aaron Carter is having another party, and he wants Hilary to come get it. (See what I did there? Lolz.)

A fan tweeted back to Aaron, asking him if he was talking about Hilary. His response? “Sure am.”

What are we more jealous of: the classic red and silver outfits Lizzie and Miranda wore during the “I Want Candy” (read: Aaron wants Lizzie) video shoot, or the fact that Aaron still has a sweet tooth, ten years later?

Aaron, just letting you know, I also look cute when I’m wrapped in a sweater. In case you’re interested.

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As Per Usual, “Girls” Defines Your Love Life

hannah and adam

In this snazzy Thought Catalog piece that finds itself less cynical than the usual, six of the most accurate quotes from Lena Dunham’s too-real creation, Girls, are highlighted to define “dating in your 20s.” However, as someone who is a strong believer that anyone with emotions can relate to Girls regardless of age, sex, sex life, etc., this piece is a necessary must-read for everyone.

Every episode of Girls is like a quote book waiting to be sewn together. Hence, there are a few quotes here that I thought shouldn’t have necessarily made the creme of the crop cut. But a couple of them hit the nail right on the head, like…

“You act like I’m uptight and then I follow suit. I become uptight. It is the most frustrating dynamic on the planet. It drives me crazy. I can’t stand it.” –Marnie (If this one doesn’t describe my existence as a human and/or as a girlfriend, I don’t know what does.)

“I don’t even want a boyfriend. I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time, and think I’m the best person in the world, and wants to have sex with only me.” –Hannah (No, not me “Hannah,” but obviously the leading lady of Girls shares my palindromical Jewish nomenclature. This one sums it all up–after a while, you realize that it’s totally not about the title as much as it’s about the feeling. Ya dig?)

“It wasn’t love the way I imagined it but it just felt weird if I didn’t know what she was up to or whatever.” –Adam (In other words: modern love. We’ll take it.)

This one gets FYD honorable mention but didn’t make the cut for the Thought Catalog piece (instead they put in one of the dumb lines with a Twilight reference):
“Sometimes being stuck in my own head is so exhausting it makes me want to cry.” –Marnie. (But then again, everything makes me want to cry.)

Read the whole piece here.

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Weather By Drizzy


Nothing but the sky behind Drake’s baby-fro is as blue as the painfully emotional lyrics he spits out on his latest album, Nothing Was The Same. That is, until it starts to rain and those fluffy clouds turn to tearful raindrops.

Yesterday I discovered and today I am obsessed with it. Never has there been a chicer way to check the weather. I’m tired of’s constantly changing graphics. They give me motion sickness. Weather By Drizzy is simple and aesthetic. Let Drizzy give you the lowdown on the driz-le.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 4.13.38 PM

There’s not much “shit you should read” here, but there’s a lot to see (esp. if you have a Retina display Mac/are tripping balls for any other reason). The site figures out your geographic location and then shows you Drake’s cartoon head surrounded by the visual representation of your local forecast.

Sorry, Brick Tamland, but gangsta rap made me do it.

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An Open Letter By Barbie (that’s right… Barbie)

It would be a sin for me to hog all of the amazing shit I find on the internet for myself. New segment: Shit You Should Read. Because you really, really should. 

Let it all hang out, gurl

Let it all hang out, gurl

We know a lot about Barbie. Her boyfriend is Ken, her BFF is Teresa. She loves a good beach party and her dwarfish younger sister is Kelly. What we didn’t realize about Barbie is that she doesn’t have a vagina, and what we didn’t know about Barbie is that she’s pretty pissed about it.

In FYD fashion, HuffPost threw up an open letter on their blog from Barbie about body image. We discussed open letters last week because most of them are 99% pointless and 100% overdone in an effort to rebel against the plights of our generation. But to our surprise, Barbie did it well. Here’s some of our fav lines from the piece:

“I have no vagina. You probably know this already (I know your perverted younger brothers know this as well). This is one of the hardest things for me to live with.”

“I wish I looked more like She-Ra or Wonder Woman. They always go to Crossfit together and never invite me.”

“Ken and I have had a rough relationship for many years. He does not have a penis.”

“I do not eat much because I am usually in a box, and then there is that whole being made of plastic thing.”

And Barbie closes with an ode to her glitzy BRATZ (the doll version of betches)… “My body might not be realistic for most, and that is OK. That is actually better than OK. Because I am sure that some young women have talents that most do not have. Some have sparkling eyes that most others do not have.”

Read the whole letter here.