Flavor of the Week: Tamagotchi’s

Tamagotchi. What an on-point #tbt.

I have always been very maternal. At least I like to think that I’ve always been maternal. My mom, who is literally maternal, may beg to differ as I’ve done some not-so-responsible things over the last few years (leave my car keys and wallet in the bagel store practically every Sunday due to my obvi obsessive need for a whole wheat everything with tomato, veg cream cheese, and lox; leaving my wallet containing my driver’s license, debit card, and my mom’s credit card home after departing for a trip to Washington, D.C.; after turning around to get the wallet and bringing it with me to Washington, D.C., proceeding to lose that same wallet containing my driver’s license, debit card, and my mom’s credit card during my trip; etc.).


However, one thing that turned all of us into little mommies and little daddies were our near and dear Tamagotchi’s. I loved my Webkinz almost as much as I loved my Neopets, and I loved my Neopets almost as much as I loved my Tamagotchi, so that’s really saying a lot. My Tamagotchi was orange and I got it from a Korean toy store where everything said Hello Kitty in Korean rather than saying Hello Kitty in English, but I insisted on getting my glow-in-the-dark diaries from there anyways.

When I played with my Tamagotchi, I felt like a cool teen mom. When I was in fourth grade, our elementary school principal instilled a policy that we would simply just have to keep our Tamagotchi’s in our lockers during the school day because they were just that addicting.

The best part of my Tamagotchi was putting it to bed at night. I kept it on my bedside table. It was always right there when I woke up, like the boyfriend you’ve never had.

My next business endeavor is to make a Tamagotchi app for iPhone. Right now though, I’m just really trying to focus on attaining more Webkinz cash to get this amaze matching bedroom set for my lizard named Liz, you know?