Flavor of the Week: Macklemore

Macklemore is really interesting as a human. I don’t know much about him, aside from that he wrote a song called “Thrift Shop” about my thrifting experiences in Brooklyn, he’s white, his partner in crime is Ryan Lewis, Ryan Lewis has the deep voice of a black man, and he’s written some really good songs about ridding the world of social injustice and homophobia. Overall, he’s a pretty respectable guy. Here are a few fun facts along with my personal favorite things about Macklemore.

1. There is always a really good upbeat thing going on in the background of all of his songs. Kinda Chiddy Bang-esque. Always some young, small children singing like cherubs or maybe a church choir circa-MLK jr. In this example, my favorite Macklemore song, titled “A Wake,” there is a sensual indie singer doing the chorus. She werks it.

2. Once, Macklemore participated in a workshop known as “Gateways for Incarcerated Youth.” He has definitely completed his mitzvah project.

3. He is always pulling something new out of his ass. At first, “Thrift Shop” was incredible because of the Mr. Saxo-beat thing it had going for itself. I will not deny it; I was obsessed with “Thrift Shop” for a solid thirteen days. Then, suddenly, I absolutely hated it. I thought that it was generally a really corny, loud, redundant, poorly written, rude, and overplayed song. Every time someone would put it on, I literally wilted like a frail flower come wintertime. Whenever I theoretically wilted, some of my friends would be like “Shut up Hannah you said five minutes ago that this was your favorite song.” Then, “Can’t Hold Us” emerged from a commercial about technology (Microsoft? Windows? Which? And are Microsoft and Windows the same thing?) and woo’ed me all over again. It makes me feel like a man on a mission.

Congrats, Macklemore. You won your spot back on my “starred” Spotify playlist. Because fro-yo betches don’t pay for music, obviously.