Flavor of the Week: Summer Hathaway from School of Rock

Because I am totally obsessed with too many obsure people, places, and things, I decided that it’s time I write more about them. Each Wednesday I’ll post a new segment, Flavor of the Week, that will consist of a rant in 300 words or less about a few of my favorite things (because no one likes the sound of my narrative voice better than me.)

So for my first Flavor, I’d like to discuss one of the best movie characters of all time, the ultimate babe, Summer Hathaway from your beloved fifth grade movie School of  Rock. That’s right, just when you thought this psycho-nerd fell off your radar, I put her back on. Why? Because Summer, played by a young, innocent Miranda Cosgrove, is amazing. She gets what she wants, when she wants it. Respect.



Summer was my inspiration to run for Class Mayor in elementary school. She helped me find my inner bossy bitch who gets more gold stars than anyone else in practically the entire world. She also taught me what the word “maggot” was, which became super useful once when I stubbed my toe and was looking for a really nasty word to yell at the wall. Because, obviously, I speak to inanimate objects all the time. Also, it needs to be acknowledged that Summer’s teacher/mentor was Jack Black… enough said.

Let us not forget how Summer basically invented the song “Memory,” which you probably always referred to as “memory all alone in the moonlight,” in her audution for the class band. Even though her singing voice was comparable to William Hung’s we still had it stuck in our heads for weeks. Also, Summer really rocks the lanky schoolgirl look in a twelve-year-old kind of way and I really appreciate the fact that she probably made a huge effort to eat a lot of kale to get there.


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